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Coils Burning too Fast? Losing Battery Power? Tanks Leaking?

While this might seem obvious, the first port of call when your coil is burning is to ensure that it is properly saturated with e-liquid. Allowing your tank to run on empty while still vaping will inevitably cause dry burn, which can permanently damage the coil.

There could be many reasons as to why your coils are burning in such a short period of time:

1. To state the obvious, make sure you're filling your tank with enough juice.

2. Your wattage is too high. Different coils are made for different wattage ranges, and there is a good chance that your coil simply cannot handle the wattage you are currently on.

3. You haven´t primed your coil. You would notice immediately on the first drag if your coil was not primed well, because you would be met with a terrible dry hit.

4. Chain-vaping: Chain vaping is when the user vapes his/her device with little to no gap in between. Personally, I wait the minimum of 30 seconds in between drags, to prevent a premature coil burning. However, at the start of my vaping journey, I would chain vape all day. I would be left scratching my head as to why my coils were only lasting 3 –4 days.

I also did a little research for you to get a less viscous (thinner) e-juice: Distilled Water- You can add about 5-7% of distilled warm water into your liquid. Make sure you use purified distilled water from a pharmacy, and do not use tap water. Aqueous Glycerin (AG)- This PG alternative is basically VG but diluted with 20% of distilled water. The benefit of adding AG to your liquid is that it will lower its viscosity to that of a 50/50 VG/PG liquid, which can definitely prolong your coil life and improve the smoothness of your vape.

Vodka- Adding about 5-7% of vodka will thin out your e-liquid nicely. This is why many vapers suggest using vodka to clean coil heads. But don’t go overboard. Usually, 5 to 7% of alcohol will thin out your e-liquid nicely. Any more than that will burn your throat.

To make e-juice thicker (if leaking): Add pure VG (Unflavored Zero mg’s) As we have established in the sections above, VG is much more viscous than PG. Adding more pure VG into your vape juice will significantly improve the density and the size of your clouds. However, the downside to adding more VG is that it will dilute the flavor and possibly lower the nicotine level.

Add VG based flavoring (small tubes of pure flavor). In order to boost up the flavor of your juice look for flavorings that are suspended in VG. This may be a bit of a challenge since most commercially sold vape juices are suspended in PG. Put it in a refrigerator. The best way to quickly solve this problem is to place your e-liquid products in a refrigerator (especially during the summer).

Also, Last, but not least, cold temperature will thicken e-juice, especially wintertime on the East coast - so warm up the device, at room temperature- take a few hits to warm up the coils before taking long drags, or use the preheat function on the device to warm up the liquid.

These statements have not been evaluated and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. Please consult with a health professional when implementing with any current medical regimen.


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