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Fitness, training, innovating

Fti2Grid offers expert services 5 days a week:


  • Green Innovations

  • Fitness Lab Area- Be the first to try out our Products!

  • Metabolic Lab Testing & Reporting



Micro DC System- Gen & Storage
Wireless Heart Rate Monitor & Reporting
Automated Wattage Readings

Cognitve maintenance

A healthy person starts with quality  "Fitness Maintenance Tune-Ups".  At each visit our service person can obtain thier "CM-POPs":


  • Check your Metabolism

  • Monitor, your Heart Beat, Blood Pressure & BMI

  • Perform Cardio Training

  • Optain Lactate Threshold for maximum performance

  • Produce Fitness Reports, Daily,Weeky,Quarterly or Annually

Just for the Kids:

Fit2Grid also offers an after-school Program to peak the Scientific Minds of our Youth. 

-Kids will learn how to conduct basic Health monitoring and Scientific Sustainable projects such as:

Solar, Wind & Human Powered Energy Regeneration.

-Engage in LittleBits electronics Projects

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