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Seminars, Training & Certification

Our opensource efforts should keep costs down to Free for low income participants

$7 monthly fee or $1 per visit for those who can afford it, and Free entry to Children with an accompanying parent! Free Admission & Tracking Training by Certified Core Teammates for Patients with an "Rx to Exercise" from a Licensed Professional (Physician, Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Physical Therapist, LSW, Licensed Rehabilitation Professional).

Research Studies:

Fit2Grid and the HukiLau Community will provide host Seminars impacting the Community such as:


- NextBank, Community Funding & Financing

-Open Source affiliation with LittleBits Global    Commun

-MagLabs Makers, Artists & Gadgeteers

-Fit2Grid Green Box Training & Certification

Feel Free to browse training manuals on:

            Living a Socially Cognitive Life!

H2 Powered EV

Tesla Coil Education

To join the next seminar please contact us: 

Nutrition: CBD Cure Water!

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