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Sleep Matters

Research studies have that more than one third of Americans are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Insomnia is the medical term for trouble with sleep. Insomnia will cause short term ill feelings, and long-term negative effects. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, fatigue, and impaired memory. These symptoms can all have negative impacts on personal relationships and business. Insomnia can lead to chronic conditions and serious health problems. Fortunately, nature gave us the solution with plant cannabinoids. These CBD molecules may be the answer to a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of CBD For Sleep

Cannabidiol, or “CBD” has been known to assist people with anxiety and insomnia issues. In a recent sleep study, CBD was 79% effective in of reducing anxiety levels, which stayed low through the duration of the study. Research conducted since 2015 has shown that CBD worked because of the reduction of anxiogenic (causes anxiety) symptoms. Another recent sleep study was done in 2021 to understand possible therapeutic potential for sleep disorders. The most recent sleep study showed results of increases in total quality REM sleep time. With quality sleep, productivity & performance is optimized.

We may have the solution to your insomnia & sleep problems. Sleep gummies have been a viable and non-addiction method to consume CBD. Snooze Gummies are made with full spectrum CBD plus an additional 5mg of CBN, a cannabinoid known to be helpful for sleep. Snooze gummies also contain 2mg of melatonin, which is the hormone your body naturally produces for sleep. The CBD, CBN, and melatonin combination in the Snooze gummies provides an all in one effective way to help you get to sleep faster. This will allow you to stay asleep, to improve your personal relationships, and productivity at work.

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