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5 ways CBD may help with weight loss

While a direct link between CBD usage and weight loss is still being researched, there are a few ways that CBD might be effective in supporting weight loss. Read on:

Pain relief

One of the most well-known uses of CBD is as an analgesic. An analgesic in plain language, means “pain reliever”. A 2012 study indicates that CBD may be an effective treatment for those suffering from chronic pain, and other studies have also explored the effects of CBD use on patients with arthritis, noting a significant decrease in pain and inflammation with no adverse side effects. This means if chronic pain has been preventing you from being able to exercise, CBD may provide you much-needed relief to improve your fitness journey, which in turn can help with weight loss.

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Improved mood

While CBD’s stress-relieving properties might not seem like they’d directly impact weight loss, experts suggest. “It can lift your mood and give you more motivation to do your workout,” says Dr. Felecia Dawson, a physician and cannabis advocate. Even better? “It can decrease pain and inflammation associated with exercising.” How? Because CBD can improve your overall mood — with initial research suggesting that CBD might be a good treatment for anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even post-traumatic stress disorder — as your general mental health and sense of wellbeing improves, you’re far more likely to hit the gym. Motivation is a critical factor in whether or not many people reach their fitness goals, which is why supplementing with CBD might give you the boost you need to actually do your workout and stick to your fitness plan.

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Boosting the metabolism

While CBD might have an indirect effect on weight loss, initial research suggests that it might benefit weight loss by increasing our metabolism. That’s because CBD impacts both our CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system that are associated with metabolism and hunger. Unlike CB1 receptors, CB2 receptors are not always active, but CBD can help activate them. When active, the CB2 receptors have been shown to have anti-obesity effects.

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While the effects of CBD on the metabolism have largely only been studied in animals, a 2015 study on rats showed that CBD activated the CB2 receptors producing “a profound reduction in body weight gain” — even without reduced food intake. While much is to be explored about the ECS and CB2 receptors, this suggests that CBD usage might play a significant role in boosting our metabolism.

A further look into CBD’s effect on our metabolism reveals something researchers call fat “browning.” Typically, adults have an abundance of white fat cells — responsible for storing fat — located beneath the skin and in the abdominal cavity. The second type of fat cells, known as brown fat cells, are sparse and located in regions like the shoulder blades and spinal cord. More brown cells in the body are associated with overall better health and are known to encourage weight loss.

A 2016 study revealed that CBD may interact with these fat cells in a huge way: fat “browning.” CBD in the body can promote a process known as trans differentiation in which white fat cells are converted into brown fat cells. As more white fat cells become brown fat cells, lipid metabolism (aka fat burning) is increased.

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Increasing energy

Another promising weight loss area that CBD might impact is its potential to increase energy or wakefulness. However, more studies need to be done.

While this isn’t directly linked to weight loss, having more energy typically translates to more energy being expended. If you feel an increase in energy after using CBD, you’re might be more likely to go for a walk around the block or make it to your workout class.

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Improved sleep quality

As an added bonus, CBD can also help improve your sleep. Not only does this mean you’ll wake up feeling more rested when your alarm goes off for your morning workout. Better sleep can actually play a direct role in improving your weight loss.

In fact, experts suggest that sleep is one of the most critical — and most overlooked — factors in weight loss. A lack of sleep can translate into increased appetite, slower metabolism, reduced exercise levels, and more — all of which can greatly diminish your weight loss.

Sleep also plays an important role in recovery, meaning your night-time CBD use isn’t just helping you relax. It’s also making it easier for you to hit your fitness goals.

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How to use CBD for weight loss

If you’re ready to incorporate CBD into your fitness routine, Dr. Dawson recommends starting with an organic or Clean Green Certified product that is third-party tested. She suggests using broad or full-spectrum CBD to get better results at a lower dose — especially when compared to an isolate. As for when you should take CBD? It’s really up to you. “If you want to absorb as much as you can, consume it after a meal containing fat post-workout. If you want to consume before the workout, a tablespoon of coconut oil may help you absorb more of it,” Dr. Dawson says. “If you want to inhale it, I recommend an electronic vaporizer made for dry herb before or after the activity. An ethanol-based tincture can be held under the tongue and can be used before or after the activity.”

While CBD has many positive effects, research is still pending for a direct connection between its usage and weight loss. CBD isn’t meant to be a holy grail product — or a substitute for living a healthy lifestyle.

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To learn more about the additional benefits of CBD, What we know and what we don't. Here is a link to the best ways to use CBD:

These statements have not been evaluated and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. Please consult with a health professional when implementing with any current medical regimen.

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