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Innovative Health
 Education, Products & Supplements

To promote Innovative Health Education 

Fit2Grid is a non-profit foundation founded for the purpose of advancing health education through innovative health, education, pop-up gyms, science museums, conventions, health fairs, publications and health based products. 

The staff of Fit2Grid is an entirely volunteer group who give their time to teach, write and participate in improving the quality of life and future health outcomes.

Fit2Grid’s primary product is health education and promote good nutrition with our affiliate doing business as FitCube Nutrition. This takes many forms including local meetings, missions, workshops, and production of health education information, blogs, and products. 


Fit2Grid receives support from medical, retail, and health education professionals.

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The Energy Gym
Fitness Education Technology at the
Discovery Cube Los Angeles
Fitness Education Technology at the
Discovery Cube Santa Ana
Body Weight only Gym
Body Weight only Gym Equipment
Energy Studio Gym  FITNESS LAB
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